Arvixe Web Hosting Review 2021 – Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting

Finding a cheap and reliable hosting is getting difficult. There are n number of options available across the Internet, and sometimes it is really tough to figure out what services will suit your business best.
For a new website owner or blogger, a large framework is unnecessary. Similarly for an established website or PBN, you need a larger infrastructure like VPS. Therefore, you have to carefully evaluate your requirements before choosing a hosting provider.

Arvixe Review

If you are looking for cheap hosting services that can be relied upon then you have landed at the right place. Today, I will discuss an old private hosting company, which provides world-class features at awesome prices.

Arvixe Hosting

Since its inception at San Louis Obispo, California in 2003, Arvixe has been providing high class hosting solutions for its clients all across the globe. Some of the key features are bulk of options and relatively cheap pricing across plans.

It is ideal for new bloggers who are looking to start out and build an audience as well as established online businesses that want to expand their infrastructure.

Its offerings include:

  • Personal Class Shared Hosting Plans
  • Business Class Shared Hosting Plans
  • Reseller Class Plans
  • VPS Services
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

We will look into all plans and features in detail. You can then decide what suits you best

Arvixe Shared Hosting: Personal Class

Arvixe Personal Class Hosting

With plans as cheap at USD 4 per month, other options start looking less attractive. All packages come with a butt load of features. As you can see in the snapshot, there are numerous features, which come with the personal class plans.

Apart from that there are numerous other features like:

  • Comprehensive email software so that you can track your business through email marketing and stay in touch with your readers and subscribers on a regular basis. These include POP3 and IMAP mailboxes with complete security, autoresponders, mail forwarding, mailman mailing lists and more. It comes with Spam Assassin Spam Blocker to provide enhanced security and encryption to your emails.
  • It also allows for complete website customization and flexibility through in-built tools like MySQL 5 Databases, PostgreSQL Databases, PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgAdmin and other DBMS to help you create and manage large databases of subscribers and also monitor ecommerce activity.
  • It comes loaded with Perl, Python, SSI, CGI and even Ruby on Rails to add to the flexibility and give you more control over your website.

Arvixe Business Hosting: Business Class

Arvixe Business Class ASP

For users with higher streams of traffic who need larger bandwidths and increased speeds, Arvixe Business Class packages are suitable. You get higher amounts of disk space and data while all other features remain more or less the same.

Arvixe ASP Class

If you are looking for shared hosting packages over Linux operating systems then you should look at their ASP Class offerings, which are specifically built to boost performance on Linux but work fine on Windows and Mac as well.

Arvixe Business Class ASP

These plans are not only available in Business Class but also in Personal Class, Reseller class and VPS.

In the business class, traffic is spread across multiple servers. This leads to low traffic intensity, which boosts server performance and gives you an added advantage of high speeds and low downtimes!

Arvixe Reseller Class

Hosting is a great a business. You can do it on a personal level by using Reseller Hosting packages.

What happens is that you buy bulk hosting from a major provider and offer it to third parties. The primary provider provides the management and services and you earn a profit on each sale.

Arvixe Reseller Hosting

You see, you can start your own business from USD 20 per month. Isn’t that great. Other features and offerings are the same only the size and scale increase.

You have the full support of the Arvixe management as they will provide your customers with full tech support and give you complete WHM (Web Host Management), which can be controlled using the cPanel.

Reseller hosting is ideal for those who have a network of people looking for hosting services. If you are sure you can bag permanent hosting clients then you should go for it and start making some money while you run your online business.

Unlimited number of sites can be hosted easily and hassles are minimum.

Arvixe VPS Services

Arvixe VPS Class

Virtual Private Servers are ideal for those businesses that need larger infrastructure to manage the increased traffic volumes and maintain optimum uptime. You receive dedicated services where the power of one server is allocated to your business.

With Plans starting from $40 per month, Arvixe VPS services are attractive with all the butt load of features it offers that we saw above.

For a little extra you can go for the ASP package, which is pre-built for Linux users.

PS: I will discuss about Arvixe up time and performance once I am done with the plans.

Arvixe Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Arvixe Cloud Hosting

The Power of the cloud can only bring growth to your business if used right. Here, the load is divided between multiple servers at different geographical locations. All these units combine their efforts to provide you with higher speeds and maximum uptime.

With flexible, scalable and pay as you go plans, Arvixe cloud hosting offers are worth trying. They have in-built Hyper-V Tech to enhance security and speed. You get services like web hosting, cloud storage, CRM software, and Email software as detailed before in this article and a lot more.

Coupled with Web applications and other cool stuff, cloud-hosting services by Arvixe sure pack a punch.

Arvixe Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Arvixe Bare Metal Servers Dedicated Hosting

Arvixe has been offering dedicated servers since its inception and has a reputation of providing the highest level of performance, reliability and security. There are a lot of options you can choose from based on your server and core CPU requirements

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that have traffic streams in the range of a million visitors per month or more. The thing I like about Arvixe dedicated servers is that you are always in control of your data and the Web Hosting Environment via WHM and added access.

  • If you don’t have any knowledge about server administration then don’t worry, they will manage it all for you. You just have to choose your server and add your operating system and control panel to your package. It will be managed 24/7/365.
  • All the managed dedicated servers are setup for nightly security updates and will be monitored for performance by their technical support team.

There is a host of other offerings like in the previous packages. Here are the details:

Arvixe PC1

Arvixe PC2

Using these features, you manage your entire online business framework from one location and never worry about server management and related issues.

Security, Uptime, Speed and Other Concerns: The Arvixe Advantage

Fully redundant data center power allows you to never experience any power disruption. They have a complete power management system, which includes power backup generators that ensure 24/7 supply.

Server Performance is maintained through Unlimited Power Supply (UPS) systems that provides power to 1000s of individual servers and prevents surges and breakdowns.

Multiple data center and server locations across US and Asia provide ideal delivery of shared and VPS products. They are partnered with some the best locations.

They use multiple tier 1 Telecom providers and direct internet connections to bypass transit networks and shorten the path between your websites and visitors thereby, increasing speeds and boosting performance.

Arvixe ensures 24/7/365 monitoring from server-oriented response centers and a centralized network-monitoring platform from the Network Operations Center. The NOC has Cisco certified staff that instantly respond to any kind of problem.
Customer data is stored on 15k RPM SCSI drives in RAID 10, SSD RAID Arrays for system services and processes. Each server has a minimum of 92 GB RAM and Intel Xeon E5620 Processors that ensure the best high-speed environment for your website.

The server services like MySQL, MSSQL, PHP, .NET, Apache, IIS and mail servers run on SSD drives in RAID 10 frameworks to ensure faster speeds. RAID 10 also adds to the security as it places data across several drives to increase redundancy in case of hardware failure.

Linux Hosting Packages come with CloudFare Global Content Delivery Systems, making your websites easily accessible around the globe.

State of the art segregation software separates each user into their rooted environment. This allows each account to gain a level of security along with unmatched performance and reliability.

In VPS Solutions they have the Hyper-V technology that provides dedicated resources for your virtual server. Each variable like RAM, CPU, Network Speed and Disk I/P are directly allocated to each VPS. With server attached storage and completely optimized servers, the solution is as robust as it gets.

If you are still not satisfied with the speeds you are getting, you can get added speeds on request.


Arvixe is a reputed and has been one of the pioneering providers of Hosting services for over 10 years now. With a wide range of packages and power packed features, it is worth trying for businesses and websites across all scales and sizes.

I would like to point in particular to businesses looking to expand their digital frameworks as one can get these services relatively cheaply than other hosting providers.

I hope my review was helpful in your decision. Go out and choose the best hosting for yourself and don’t depend on my review completely. Do share your doubts, comments and experiences! also you can check the arvixe coupon code over here 

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