Download 5+ Best WordPress Comments Plugins – A Great Way of Boosting Engagement

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Community creation is not a small job. Almost every website would like to create a community that revolves around the content of the website.The idea of commenting is not a novel one. Since the early day of the internet, people love to comment and get themselves into a discussion.
But, what would happen if there is no comment? That’s not you might want from your new blog. Creating a joyful, interactive community is one of the goals for any blogger.

WordPress, on the other hand, provides a clean way of storing comments. The default commenting system is great, but not complete in any way.This is where the plugins role comes in. There are amazing WordPress comments plugins out there. But, which one to choose for your blog?
We will answer this query in today’s post as we go through the 6 Best WordPress Comments Plugins.

#1. Disqus Comment System


Disqus Comment System is an old player in the comments plugin for WordPress. It is stable, sleek and meets the modern standards that are required from a comments plugin.

As usual, installing the plugin is easy and intuitive. After installation, you need to register for the Disqus service and get started.

The Disqus service handles all your website comments. First of all, the comments are not saved on your WordPress installation, but they are stored on Disqus server. Secondly, if you are using Disqus on more than one WordPress websites, you get to use the centralized platform for handling the comments. For me, this is a game change.
Disqus offers tons of features including spam protection, a great integration with current WordPress themes, and much more.

Note: The plugin team has not been updating Disqus lately. It does work with latest WordPress installation, but you might want to try and experiment with before making it a permanent choice.

#2. CommentLuv

CommentLuv — WordPress Plugins

CommentLuv is one of the popular comments plugins for WordPress. It brings an interesting idea on the plate. The audience can comment on the article and also provide a no-follow link to any of their blogs.
This is a great way for the visitors to increase their blog backlinks. So, what’s in for you? You can tons of comments from bloggers or other people. People are more willing to participate them as there is a clear reward for participating.

The plugin easily boosts the engagement of your blog. But, it also brings spammers who are looking for a quick backlink to their blog.

#3. JetPack By WordPess

JetPack By WordPess

Even though JetPack comes with tons of plugins and features, not many advanced WordPress user like it. But for beginners, it is a great way to explore their website.

Despite offering tons of features, it also offers a sleek commenting system. If you are not fond of the WordPress default comment system, you might want to give JetPack a try.

JetPack offers similar features compared to the default WordPress comment system. It supports login from popular social media platform and it also offers our beloved WordPress account login option.
The plugin comment system easily integrates with the website design and offers completely responsive support.

#4. wpDiscuz


I don’t praise a plugin so easily, but wpDiscuz is one of those plugins that takes the trophy from my hand. wpDiscuz is an excellent comment system for WordPress.

It starts where Disqus Comment System ends and that’s a good news for those who are looking to grab an alternative of Disqus. The plugin utilizes AJAX real-time comment system, and makes sure that your comments are loaded without reloading the whole page.

The plugin is easy to integrate with your website. It also have minimal impact on the website loading speed and offers completely responsive support. Moreover, it has a multi-level comment thread, great for discussions. Visitors can comment on the thread by using social media integration and the option to anonymous comment is also supported.
You can check the full list of features here.

Also, the plugin is updated regularly and maintained by their developers.

#5. Facebook Comment

Facebook Comments — WordPress Plugins

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. So, it is evident that bloggers or webmaster would love to leverage the platform. Many people that visit the website are already using Facebook and it becomes super easy for them to participate using Facebook comment system.

Single click authentication is provided with the plugin and if the visitor is already logged in, there is no need for them to log in.

So, it looks great? But, there is a clear drawback. It is tough to monitor the comments. You cannot moderate them and also it is tough for WordPress to store them.

To solve the problem, many websites tend to use both Facebook comment system and a general purpose comment system such as wpDiscuz or Discus.

#6. LiveFyre


LiveFyre is a great comment system. It has been used by big sites and the reason behind it is its functionality. The plugin offers unique functionality. At first, the plugin offers Flexible login options, great admin controls and social media integration.

The only con of using this plugin is that it is not free. You have to pay for the basic services as well. The plugin is more targeted towards premium users and provide excellent after sale support.

Notes and Conclusion

Comments are doorway for the visitors to come in contact with the webmaster as well as other visitors on the website. With the right plugin choice, your work can be halved.

If you would ask me, wpDiscuz wins hands down. It is clean and gets updated almost every week. It is also compatible with the latest WordPress version.

The facebook commenting system is also a great plugin for your website. Social media leverage is a necessity to completely utilize the potential of your website.

If you loved the article, don’t forget to comment below. We are eager to learn your thoughts on what plugins you are going to choose. Are you going to disable comment on your blog? Let us know in the comment section below.
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  1. You are right Nitish, a big interactive community with better engagement. User reviews and comments are valuable for bloggers. These plugins are undoubtedly great for text commenting. What I am interested in is even better engagement. I have compared several voice commenting platforms and finally I have decided to count on Heyoya. Till now it is doing the job like a champion.


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