Divi Builder Plugin Review – Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin For WordPress

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes was loved by thousands of customers. It was built on a page builder platform, which was the most interesting part. It made it so easy to design beautiful WordPress pages and posts that even the person who has never even seen code before could do it. It is that simple. The only drawback though, was that upon changing the theme, you’d be having a mess of Short-codes lying around.

Now, that the company has introduced a standalone page builder plugin. You no longer have to worry about the messy Short-codes that get left behind upon changing the theme. You can always use this super cool plugin to create stunning pages and posts that would not have been possible with any other theme.


In this post we’ll be discussing about the Divi Page Builder plugin that is being praised around a lot.

What is Divi Page Builder and What it does?

The Divi Builder plugin was created to allow anyone with any WordPress theme to use the amazing Divi Builder and to make the migration of posts and pages easier. Basically, the most loved features of Divi theme is integrated in to this plugin so that anyone can use it on any theme.

The huge amount of possible layouts with this incredible plugin can help you create beautiful designs that were otherwise not possible.

All that without even a single line of code:

The Divi Page Builder plugin can be used to its full strength even if you have the basic knowledge of CSS. It is mostly a drag and drop game, so even a non techie person can easily create stunning landing pages and creative blog posts using the plugin.

Feature of Divi Builder Plugin that we’ll discuss:

  1. 40 Modules
  2. Add Custom CSS
  3. Hide Elements on Frontend
  4. Save time with Single-click element duplicate option
  5. Collapse feature for organizing your page content
  6. Unlimited Undos and Redos
  7. Lock Items to Disable Editing

#1. 40 Modules

To put it simply, there is a module for each of your need.

Divi Builder

Whatever that you’re trying to build, there is a possible arrangement for that. With the custom code module it is even easier to turn your imagination in to reality by having the power to integrate third party plugin in to your pages.
This large collection of modules might seem overwhelming in the start, but as you get accustomed to it, this will change the way you’ve designed websites till now.

#2. Add Custom CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a blessing to the web designers. It makes everything so easy and quick that most designers cannot imagine a life without it.


Divi builder plugin is integrated with custom CSSfeature to allow you full control over the look and feel of your page. This is something that will come in handy when building outstanding page designs.

#3. Option to Hide Certain Elements on the Frontend

Divi builder gives you the control over what element appears on the frontend and what doesn’t. This feature can be used to hide elements that are to be shown in a given time period.
Once you get familiar with this feature you will be using it to the best of its strengths in advertising, promotion management and much more for your blog.

#4. Single Click Content Duplication

Many a times, much of your layout for a page is similar to other layouts. You can easily duplicate the elements on the new layout. The option to Copy and Paste makes it an even easier task, saving you tonnes of time.
You’ll certainly enjoy the Copy and Paste feature that is integrated in the Divi Page Builder plugin.

#5. Organize your layout design with Collapse feature

It can be very confusing to design a complex page as so many elements and blocks will be there. In such a case, when lots of content is becoming a problem for further development then you can use the collapse blocks feature. This allows you to view your page concisely and helps you focus better.


This feature allows you to better organize your layouts so that they look neat and are easy to edit in future.

#6. Unlimited Undos and Redos

This is something that will come in handy for the newbies. Every action that you take inside of the builder will be logged and you will have the option to move back or forth in the changes that you make.


Not only the newbies, but everyone can take a sigh of relief when they accidentally design something out of plan.

#7. Lock Items to Disable Editing

You can lock certain section, module, or row, to disable its editing function, i.e. make it forbidden for users to edit that particular part of the layout.
This can help you save tonnes of time on rebuilding stuff that you clients or even you accidently damage in the builder.
Just use the locking feature to design solid layouts that will last until you intentionally go and alter them.


The Divi Builder Library

ElegantThemes, the parent company of the plugin and the Divi theme claim that the Divi Builder Library will change the way your design websites forever.
You can load unlimited number of custom made layouts and custom builder elements that you can use in future by just a few clicks. So, saving your work in the form of templates will save your time in future by allowing you to use your previous work from the library.
This will largely reduce your efforts to making a decent website so you can rely on the plugin for your template needs.Checkout the screenshot below:


Global Items for a Professional Web building experience

The global item feature allows you to add certain items to your layout that will appear on a particular position on every page as defined by you. This is something that can be very helpful with creating a good user experience and branding. However, the true use of this feature is whichever way that you use it.


The Final Verdict

It is easy to use. It is easy to learn. It can create stunning pages with great level of sophistication.When it comes to Divi Builder, the pros easily outweigh the cons as there aren’t many cases in the plugin where you find something broken or missing.
So, the Divi Builder Plugin is highly recommended for both newbie and experienced web designers. Who knows, it does change the way you’ve been designing websites till now.

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