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Affiliate income is one of the best ways to make money online. The best part is that you don’t need to create your own products or spend time in developing or designing. You can just start selling and make a fixed commission on every sale. Most online sellers now a days have an affiliate program in place as they save heavy on marketing costs and it also helps them reach people they would not have reached otherwise.

The most promising and high profit affiliate programs are those from the major eCommerce sites that offer a wide range of product range. As we know, Amazon is the greatest of all eCommerce sites, and luckily enough, they have an affiliate program in place as well. It’s called the Amazon Associates Programs.

EasyAzon Review

Watch EasyAzon in Action

The Amazon Associates Program is a great way to make some extra money from your online traffic. Especially when you’re a blogger that reviews products, products that are available on the Amazon site. Its amazing commission rates and ability to generate great income has attracted a huge number of people with online traffic sources. But, in this article, what we are concerned about is how the bloggers are using the Amazon Associates program to generate extra revenue from their blogs.

Since, a majority of serious marketers with all the tools ready to make money from Amazon’s affiliate program has been using WordPress. Therefore, we’ll be talking how to get simplify the whole process of getting Amazon Associates Program to work with WordPress.

Now, manually putting in links is a terrible idea. You’ll need to visit the website of Amazon, search for the product, copy the link to that product and then use it in your blog post. Why waste time doing all this manually when you can save tonnes of your time by taking some smart steps. There is a plugin to ease you on the link insertion process.It is called EasyAzon and it is the perfect solution for all your Amazon affiliate problems, except for the traffic. You got to get the visitors; EasyAzon will get you the most out of them.

The EasyAzon Plugin Review

The EasyAzon is an incredible plugin designed especially for the purpose of generating more and more sales from Amazon links. There are certain special features that give this plugin the strength to optimize your site better for the Amazon Associates Program, and we will be discussing about them further in this EasyAzon plugin review post.

Some Cool Featuresin EasyAzon v4

  1. Add Amazon Links from WP Post Editor
  2. Add Product Images
  3. Add CTA Buttons
  4. The Add to cart setting, 90 days to get a commission
  5. Site wide Settings
  6. The Automatic Link Localizer
  7. Show Product Popups in post

#1. Add Amazon Links from WP Post Editor

As I mentioned earlier how manually inserting links to products can be a tedious task, yes, it is time consuming and won’t get you much sales. Using the EasyAzonplugin, you can easily search for products from the editor and add links directly from there, just click on the ‘EasyAzon’ button that is just right to the ‘Add Media’ button. Checkout the screenshot below:


All you have to do is select the text you want to link to a product and then click on the EasyAzon button. This will allow you to search for products directly and once you see the desired product, click ‘Text Link’ and then ‘Insert’ on the next window. Now you have a text link to the product with your affiliate ID.

#2.Add Product Images

EasyAzon Add Product Images

It is easier to get attention to the images; you can use that to your advantage from EasyAzon v4. All you got to do is click on the EasyAzon button in the post editor window and search for the product and this time, instead of clicking on the text link option, go for the Image Link option, on the next screen select the size of the image and then click on Insert. You are good to go with a nice product image in your post with a link to the product with your affiliate ID.

#3.Add CTA Buttons

EasyAzon Add CTA Buttons

A Call to Action button is always a great choice to get more sales, as it makes it obvious for the reader what he/she can do. You can add a CTA button with a link to the product the same way you added the text and image links, search for the product via EasyAzon and then click on CTA Link. Now, you will have a cool CTA button that will get you more clicks and more conversions.

#4. The Add to cart setting, 90 days to get a commission


Now, this is some serious thing that you need to consider. The EasyAzon v4 can help you get more sales by letting you ask the visitor to add the product to the cart every time he clicks on the link. Once, you have the product in the cart. Even if you don’t make a sale right away, you have the cookie for 90 days, and whenever that user buys, you get the commission.

This is a massive sales boosting feature. You can either manually set this feature on or off for each of the links that you create or you can set by default for site wide links.


#5.Site wide Settings

EasyAzon allows you to have full control of your links from the settings tab of the plugin. You can make the links a No Follow if you feel like, insist the visitors to add products to their carts by default, Cloak your links (beautiful and neat links) and add Product pop-ups to your links. Everything is in the settings tab of the plugin.


#6.The Automatic Link Localizer

You might be missing on a huge number of sales if you have a globally divided traffic. Which is the case most of the times, you will be getting traffic from all over the world but you will only be having sales and commissions coming in from a particular country.


With EasyAzon, you can automatically serve the product to the visitor from their country specific Amazon. This way you will generate more sales as you won’t lose on the commissions that you deserve.


This is the second way after the Add to Cart feature that will be getting you extra sales and commissions.

#7. Show Product Popups in post

Product popups are a cool way for the visitors to have a look at the various details of the product by just hovering his mouse over a link. This way we can let EasyAzon convince the visitor to click. Yet another feature is that it can boost sales tremendously.


Now that we are familiar with all the features of the EasyAzon plugin, and I hope all this data is enough to convince any smart affiliate marketer to give this plugin a shot. Let’s find out more about the pricing for this plugin.



Multi-Site Use Rights:

This option is great for personal sites, you are getting to use this plugin on as many personal sites as you want. This will cost you $47 and you will have unlimited niches to target. However, you can sell the sites with this plan of the plugin according to EasyAzon. For that you need the developer plan.

Developer Site Use Rights:

This plan will cost you $67 and basically, you have the right to flip the sites in future if you want to. Which is not allowed with the simple Multi Site use Rights plan. You can also use this plugin on a client’s website with this plan, which is not allowed with the other plan.

I would recommend spending a few extra dollars and acquiring the developer rights as you can then get the actual control over your site, and it doesn’t even cost much. The cost difference is small, so it is smarter to buy the Developer rights beforehand.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee:

You can ask for a refund if in any case you found the plugin to be not worth it. You have 30 days to check it out.

The Pros and Cons of EasyAzon v4


  1. Easy to use with simple user interface
  2. Amazing product search feature from the post editor window
  3. Image, text and CTA links with just a few clicks
  4. Add to Cart option for 90 days cookies
  5. Product pop ups to provide product information
  6. 30 days money back guarantee


  1. No cons, really, it does everything it says.

Final Verdict

It is always a smart move to use plugins for the manual work, while you should be busy doing stuff that brings in the actual money. EasyAzon is one such plugin that saves tonnes of time and boost results incredibly.

It is a highly recommended tool for every affiliate market that is looking to make it big using the Amazon Affiliate program.

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  1. Purchased this plugin today and another one that was offered. The second item was a bundle from the same company but the links to download land on a Page Not Found as does a support link. This may be a great product but getting to it for download is costing quite a bit of confidence. Will the plugin actually work when the sellers website doesn’t. We’ll see.


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