Elegant Themes Divi Review – What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Elegant themes is one good set of themes which you can get for $69. Divi Theme, a part of it, comes with gorgeous pre-made layouts and very intuitive style of boxing options which makes it the flag-ship product of the parent framework. This theme was released in December 2013 and Elegant was talking about its flexible and powerful features as soon as in July, 2013.

Divi Review

Divi was updated to 2.0 and since made layout of different elements in WordPress an easy mechanism. The latest version is 2.1.4. But before you update to the latest version, in future, you need the Elegant Updater plugin, to update just like any Elegant theme. This can be downloaded from your premium account.

Before the release of Divi, Elegant almost stopped releasing a new theme since July 18, 2013. Elegant users were so accustomed to the company’s promotion of releasing a new theme every month or couple of months. The development team was at work and in last summer, Elegant purely concentrated on the development of single-purpose great theme: Divi. At the same time, it also hired a new bloggers and regularly started blogging lot of articles about the coming themes on their blog. (Which otherwise was just pinned for theme releases and other company news).

To keep their customers involved, they also started to offer freebies through their blog. This was included under the category “Freebie of the week”. PSD templates, Icon sets, astonishing background images, slider images templates, etc were all part of the interesting stuff released from early September.

To the end of 2013, Elegant also made customer testimonials a brand advertising technique by beginning with an open contest called “Customer Spotlight” series. This highlighted the success stories of successful customers.

Download Divi

Flexible and Elaborate Features

Since WordPress updated to version 4.0, the interface for update of themes also became easy. Just browse the downloaded theme, which is in a zip format of about 1 MB size, and click the upload button.

The Divi webpage showcases its versatility in 3 features.

  1. The Divi Builder
  2. Pre-made Layouts
  3. Responsive Design

Once you install this theme in WordPress, you will see “Divi Theme Options” under “Appearance” category. This will take you to the “ePanel” of Divi. This is like the control panel for all Divi settings. On the left hand side you have General Settings, Navigation, Ad Management, SEO, Integration, and Support Docs.

General Settings

Elegant Themes Divi

Here you can upload logo and favicon. There are red mark help icons over each feature. This makes it very easy to understand how each feature works and what is it’s purpose. You can also enable or disable the fixed navigation bar. You can also grab the first post of the image automatically.

This is a feature missing in lucrative frameworks like Thesis. Only when you enter data in custom fields, then only those images are displayed as thumbnail images. But once this feature is activated, your thumbnail images are generated automatically using the first image of your post. But this image must be hosted on your server.


Also you can change the blog style mode. Generally on home page etc, only post previews are shown. But enabling this option, it will make your posts display in full, just like in Blogger and other themes.

You can also decide to have right sidebar or left or full-width. You can also connect your MailChimp account by providing the API key here. You can also connect aweber account, regenerate mailchimp lists, regenerate aweber lists, show facebook, Google+, RSS and twitter icons, enter Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Profile urls etc.

You can also decide the number of posts to be displayed on category and archive pages, search and tag pages, date format etc. You can also enable usage of excerpts in posts or pages, responsive short-codes, install google font subsets etc. Also for entering Custom CSS, a separate text-box is provided.


This is divided into 3 tabs. Pages, Categories and General Settings.

Under pages category, you have the options to exclude pages from the navigation bar, show drop-down menus, display home link, sort your pages links, order pages links by ascending and descending order, number of drop-down tiers to be shown etc.

The categories feature is a lot similar to pages, except it’s applied to categories.

Under general settings, you can disable top tier drop-down menu links and enable them again if required.

Layout Settings

This is divided into 3 tabs again – Single Post Layout, Single Page Layout, and General Settings.

Under the first tab, you can decide to choose which items to display in the post-info section like Author, Date, Categories, and Comments etc. You can also enable or disable comments on posts and place thumbs on posts. The second tab applies to pages.

The post-info section is the area usually below the post-title, which displays post-information about your post. So here you can change what items like author, date, categories etc appear in the post-info section which sometimes otherwise called the “breadcrumbs” section.

Ad Management

Here you can manage un-widgetized advertisements. You can enable or disable single post 468x60 banner ad. You can input the banner image, advertisement destination url, adsense code etc.


So instead of using a plugin, the SEO settings can be set here. You can enable custom title, meta description, meta keywords, canonical URLs etc. which is part of the homepage SEO. You can also do optimization for single post page like enabling or disabling custom titles, custom descriptions, custom keywords, custom field to be used for title, description etc.


You can enter any HTML code in header, body, before and after the posts here. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button after you enter related code.

One of the best feature is the supporting documentation link provided under these options. If you click the link, it will show-up Divi basics like using pre-made layout, saving and loading custom layouts, importing and exporting etc. There are also different modules which you can use like blurbs, Sliders, CallToAction, NewsletterOptin, Circle Counter, social follow etc.

Using Divi you can also separate portfolio items into a custom post type called Projects. Divi also supports, post-format support for video, audio, links and quotes. Using Divi you can translate into different localized languages by means of .mo and .po files.

The right choice

When the expected bonanza from Elegant in the form of Divi was released during Christmas time of 2013, most of their customers were satisfied with it’s look and feel. Divi comes with a spectacular drag and drop Page Builder which is very flexible and intuitive to use, and lot of modules are present to quickly build and customize your pages.

Divi became so popular, that Elegant didn’t wink to raise their Personal membership price from $39 to $69. But even though it hiked the yearly membership fee, the old customers would still pay the same price for which they signed up.in case you can use elegant themes coupon code to save up to 20% off the retail price

Top WordPress Theme of “WpThemeDetector” Website

The above site has a tool called “WpThemeDetector” which tracks the themes used by WordPress sites. Then it processes the gathered valued information to create their “Top WordPress Themes” reports. Since its inclusion into the elegant family, its popularity rose with other competing WordPress themes. In February 2014, it became one of the top 100 themes and by March 25th, became one of the top 50 themes. Finally around May 1st, it joined the elite group of Top 25 WordPress themes.

Not boasting of it’s success, Divi was the first theme from Elegant themes to appear in the list of Top WordPress Themes reports. Though Elegant Themes as a theme provider ranked good positions in the Top Theme Providers reports, none of their themes managed to top the themes chart.

Later, it also climbed two more places and was sitting pretty well at #23. This only adds more value to its usefulness and the potentiality it can give to new Word press users.

How To Make A Website - Using Divi Theme

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