Hostgator Baby Plan Review – You MUST Know These Before Your Purchase

A good web hosting service can make or break your Internet business. No one likes visiting a website twice that takes forever to load. So, having something solid in place will always pay off, just don’t fall for the cheap web hosting services out there, they might seem cheaper, but they actually cost you huge in the long run. But, why even go for something bad when you can get world class web hosting service by investing a little bit more. I am talking about HostGator,the world renowned web-host, trusted by thousands of customers world-wide.

HostGator is the top class web hosting that any serious webmaster would recommend. You can get an amazing website up and running in no time with all the amazing features that they offer.

At HostGator, there are 3 plans that you can choose from. Screenshot below.

HostGator Plan

The Hatchling plan is the most basic one present on the website.It is the first choice of people who only intend on managing only 1 website. You cannot add any more than 1 website to the hatchling plan, which is a major drawback, but it is almost same as the HostGator Baby Plan otherwise.

The Baby Plan offers unlimited domain names and unlimited bandwidth. In other words, they are letting you create an empire as big as you want. If compared to the Business Plan, you only lack on a dedicated IP and a Toll Free number, which is not something that bothers most bloggers and marketers. The only thing that might bother you with the Baby plan is that they will only backup your files up to a count of 100,000 and you can only keep up to 250,000 files (inodes). This shouldn’t bother you if you’re not going to do something unethical or something that is simply stupid. You can learn more about what are limitations behind the baby plan in their fair use policy.

If you’re not a spammer or a hacker, Baby Plan is the perfect fit for you.So, let’s get talking more about the Baby Plan.

Why Choose the Baby Plan?

Here I am listing some important features that you’ll be getting with the HostGator Baby Plan.

#1.Unlimited bandwidth:

There is no bar to how much bandwidth you can utilize. However, you might want to go through the fair use policy once, there is a certain limit to what extent you can use the system resources.

#2.Unmetered Disk Space:

You are not charged according to how much space you take on. However, HostGator requires to comply with their fair use policy for this. Which essentially means, you cannot exploit this feature unfairly. Read the terms of services to learn more.

#3.Unlimited Domains:

This is something that lures in most of the customers in to buying the baby plan. You are allowed to add as many domains to the plan as you want. You can create a website on anything that you like, just come up with names and HostGator will take care of that. I could not find anything about this in the Terms of Services page, so yeah! Unlimited add on domains is a cool part of the baby plan.


Fantastico is an amazing way to install popular web scripts with just a few clicks. This is something that you will be able to access through the cPanel.

#5.IP deny manager (Security):

This is how you can protect your website from hackers who are out there to destroy you online business. This is something that will come in handy when you face an attack. You can just deny that IP address from where unwanted attempts are being made and secure your site.

What if you face a Problem?

Support is something where HostGator is famous for making people wait long times. But, my experience is very positive with the support.It was only a few times that I had to wait, otherwise, the support team was quick to help.

99.9% Uptime:

There is no point in sleeping through the party if you want to enjoy it. Similarly, if your website is down while visitors are pouring in, the party is over. The 99.9% uptime guarantee should assure you that at no point in time will you be facing downtime issues causing you the valuable traffic and revenue.

Money Back Guarantee!

HostGator gives you a 45 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you decide not to continue further with them, just apply for a 100% refund.

There are plenty of more features to the Baby plan, you can check them out here.

How do I get the Baby Plan?

To buy the HostGator plan, just visit the HostGator website and click on “Get Started Now!” or alternately you can visit this link.

Now, chose your desired billing cycle. This is the main cost, you can always find a good discount coupon from the web and apply it to gain maximum benefit. Even if you want to apply a coupon, you have to select a billing cycle and move further, where you can apply the coupon.

Fill the form that you get on the next screen and choose from the additional features that you wish to acquire, they do cost you extra too.

You can put the desired coupon in coupon code section, screenshot below.

HostGator Coupon Code

Now all you need to do is checkout and you’ll have the baby plan in your hands.

How to Use your new Baby Plan Subscription?

Once you are through the whole payment process, you’ll get a few e-mails from HostGator containing your account details.

Set the Name Servers on your domain and wait for a few minutes for the name server propagation to take place.

Once the domain and hosting are connected and working. Now is the time to upload your website. You can either use the FTP or install a Content Management System via the One-Click Install(QuickInstall, Fantastico etc.)feature available.

Final Verdict

HostGator is a popular choice when it comes to web-hosting. It is a high end service, but is affordable though. The perfect choice for small business and medium businesses.

The Baby Plan is the most popular of the 3 shared hosting plans and serves all the requirements of a growing business.

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