Hostnine Review 2016 – Cheap Affordable Web Hosting Services for Small Business

In over three years of experience as a blogger, I have learnt that your hosting infrastructure is very important when it comes to running your online business smoothly and successfully.

While there are mainstream hosting providers like GoDaddy, which, are generally the first choice for beginners, there are other cheaper and reliable options available.

One such hosting provider is Hostnine

hostnine review

Since its inception in 2006, Hostnine has been providing a variety of hosting services across the globe. Some of its key features are round the clock support, free migrations and enterprise grade data solutions for added security.

All packages offered by Hostnine include instant access to some the most popular applications for website management, blogging, ecommerce, and more. These include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and other stuff. We will look into them in detail further.

With Data Centers across 3 continents (Asia, Europe and North America), Hostnine offers the following hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Registry

Let’s look at each of them and find out if they suit your requirements

Hostnine Shared Hosting Plans

The shared hosting plans are excellent for beginners and newbie bloggers. With enterprise quality hardware support, you don’t have to worry about downtime. CPanel access and Softaculous installer are provided to make website management simpler than ever.

You also get a free domain with most annual shared hosting plans.

CPanel access allows you manage and track website performance. The interface is really easy to use and packed with features. You can easily manage email & ftp accounts; manage additional domains, files and more.

Hostnine Shared Hosting Plans

With Softaculous you can install numerous applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magenta and more with a single click. Instant installation of PHP directories is also available.

Complete Data Protection

Hostnine leaves no stones unturned in providing all round security. Everything is safeguarded by an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN). This provides data integrity in many ways.

RAID-50 protected arrays are used to handle drive failures gracefully with no downtime. They generate daily backups to provide added data security.

They have an inbuilt antivirus tool called ClamAV that is installed by default on all packages. It is a good tool for automated email scanning. They also add their anti-spam software, SpamAsassin that provides added protection by filtering out unnecessary spam.

This data protection comes with all other packages and plans of Hostnine.

Hostnine Reseller Hosting Plans

If you are a digital marketer and manage a lot of websites for your clientele then you can maximize your profits with Hostnine Reseller hosting plans.

If you are new to this then reseller hosting means that you acquire hosting services from a main provider and start providing it to third parties for a profit. If you have such a network then you can tap into it and do good business.

Hostnine Reseller Hosting Plans

With Hostnine, you can choose which location you want for each of your websites. You get one free domain for a year but that happens when you buy a level 2 plan or higher.

One unique thing is that you get the full service package along with complete control of individual website locations. With Reseller Central, an all in one dashboard, you can customize server locations of every single website.

With their inbuilt transfer tool, you can move your sites to any of their powerful hosting locations all over the world.

Complete cPanel access is given to the reseller account holders. From here your individual domain owners can manage their websites with a simple interface packed with features to manage databases, emails, files and more.

Each reseller account comes with a free license to WHMCS, which is complete hosting management solution and allows you to easily manage and bill your clients. With this tool you can create order forms with customizable packages.

It also includes a Help Desk with all the tools you can need to sell and manage web hosting.

JSON API Integration for developers who like custom modification

The reseller central tool comes with full JSON API integration that allows software developers to create their own applications. Hostnine also provides full documentation on the supported commands with code examples to get you started.

Hostnine offers an excellent reseller framework. If you are seriously looking to tap into hosting for business purposes then I strongly recommend that you try them out.

Hostnine Cloud VPS Services and features

If your business is driving traffic from across the globe then you might be in need of scaling up your infrastructure. Cloud Solutions are the best to do that. They harness the power of servers at multiple locations and provide you with added speed and uptime.

Hostnine has been providing Cloud Based VPS services with useful features and pay as you go plans. You get unmatched speed, power and flexibility. It is highly flexibly, comes with migration assistance and network redundancy to assure data security.

Hostnine Cloud VPS Plans

The redundant networks come with reliable self-healing cloud frameworks. These have automatic fail-over protection. This means that in the event that a physical hardware device fails in their cloud, your own Cloud VPS will be instantly migrated to another working device.

Powerful Hardware

The cloud hardware nodes are powered by dual Intel Xeon Hex-core processors at 2.50 Ghz w/Hyper Threading. Each hardware node boosts an enormous 96 GB of high speed DDR3 memory.

For added performance, their 10 Gigabit SAN is powered only by Solid State Drives In RAID-50 arrays.

You can also get dedicated ip addresses and all the configuration and resources by getting in touch with them.

Hostnine Cloud 3

Compared to other cloud providers, Hostnine cloud packages are much cheaper

Hostnine Cloud VPS Pricing vs others

Hostnine Dedicated Server Plans and Features

If you want a completely dedicated hosting environment with actual servers catering only to your websites then dedicated hosting is the option. It provides the power of an entire server and is suitable for businesses that handle multiple websites and handle huge volumes of traffic on a regular basis.

Here are the plans for US

Hostnine Dedicated Servers US Plans

Here are the plans for UK

Hostnine Dedicated Servers UK Plans

Some characteristic features of Hostnine Dedicated frameworks are high performance servers, lightning fast speeds and competitive pricing.

Every US-based dedicated server is equipped with a private network link at 1Gbps for backups and inter-server communication. Continuous Data Protection Backups are performed once a day with 7 restores points.

However, the above-dedicated feature is only available for US based servers. I am sure they are working on expanding that.

Trademark Features across all hosting Plans

• 24/7 monitoring for speed and stability: The Network benefits from multiple tier 1 bandwidth providers and an overlay network to provide high-speed performance. Unique SSD caching technology reduces server load and improved page load time.

• Backup Hardware and Network Failure Arrangements: As we saw earlier, all servers are equipped with backup hardware in case they need to cover the remotest chance of failure. The facilities are laced with advanced network intrusion prevention systems and employ latest technologies like IPv6 support and redundant cabinet uplinks.

• RAID-10 Data Protection: Websites are backed up to remote R1Soft storage servers that are protected with RAID-50 arrays.

• Multiple data centers in US, UK, Netherlands and Singapore

Hostnine Account, Software and Accesses across all Packages

  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • SSH Access
  • RV Site Builder
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Awstats
  • Cron Jobs
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CGI-bin
  • Zend
  • Ion cube
  • Mailing Lists
  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts

Hostnine Domain registry service

You can register your domains from Hostnine too. You have the benefit of buying hosting at a discount and managing your website instantly.

They have pretty simple and domain pricing, which can be found here.

You get dependable support, safe allocation and maintenance of your domain(s), easy management through simple dashboard, multi-domain registration and multi-year registration.

Hostnine Affiliate program

If you are marketer or blogger who works on affiliate campaigns in the hosting niche then you can try their affiliate program.

Hostnine also offers assistance to affiliate marketers. They will provide you with custom banners that can be used to promote the hosting service and place it across your portals.

For each new customer referred from your links you get USD 50 straight. You can manage and track this income easily in your account.

They have a dedicated affiliate team, which guides you in selecting the best strategies to ensure maximum commissions. They provide you with email newsletters to give you tips for promoting and bring out contents and offers to spice up sales.


Hostnine gives a 45-day money back guarantee on all its packages and plans. This means that you are welcome to try all features and then make an informed decision.

If you are not satisfied with the outcomes and the performance then you can always have all your money back. I guess that makes it all the more worth trying.

Hostnine has been providing services across continents for 10 years and has a reputation for high quality of service. You can raise tickets or reach out to them 24/7, expecting a quick response by learned professionals.

Do try the hosting service and share your experience with me here. If you also have any doubts regarding it, feel free to discuss them in the comments

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