Monarch Social Sharing Plugin Review – Take Social Sharing to the Next Level

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin Review

There are two kinds of WordPress themes and plugins you would see in the market mostly. One is the beautiful, kind, and the other is the highly result oriented ones. Now, on rare occasions you come across plugins that have the perfect combination of both the qualities, those Elegant WordPress products do exist. There Elegance comes from the beauty of their design and the magic they do when they are installed on a site.

We’re talking about the stuff that comes out from the offices of Elegant Themes, a company that has created some incredible WordPress products that have potentially changed the way hundreds of thousands of people did WordPress. Their long list of beautiful themes and plugins is a proof of what they are capable of doing.

Let’s talk about one of their amazing WordPress plugin called the Monarch Social Sharing plugin. Monarch means The King, and this post will serve its purpose to let you decide for sure if this popular social sharing plugin is actually the Monarch of its kingdom or an ordinary product chosen by thousands of people by just the matter of chance.

Introduction to Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Social Media has now become a non-negotiable source of traction for online businesses. For content publishers of every type, it has become more important than ever to use the power of social media to get to their audience. So, the best thing to add to your website right now, if you haven’t already, are social sharing buttons. Even if you’re using some old-school buttons that look ugly and in fact put a bad impression about you on your visitors then consider changing them right away. This is not too hard to accomplish, all you need is the Monarch social sharing plugin at your side.

The plugin was designed to help bloggers and publishers exploit the power of social media to the fullest by providing them with a simple and effective solution for their Social media needs. Monarch makes sure that you are getting the best number of shares on your content. Now, let’s get into the details of it and find out how Monarch helps the bloggers achieve all that.

Incredible Design and UX


Just like all their products, Elegant Themes has done a great job at giving this plugin their signature elegant feel. The buttons that it produces are beautiful and well-designed while on the administrator’s end, user experience continues to inject fun in social media marketing.

Responsive Design

Each style of social sharing and following elements were specially manufactured to fit and look good on any kind of device and any size of screen. The Monarch Social Sharing plugin gives buttons and widgets that are Responsive over a large range of devices.

Retina Display Design

The social sharing buttons and following widgets will look equally stunning on high resolution devices. The plugin is designed to look beautiful anywhere, and everywhere.

Light Weight Plugin

Monarch is so well coded and assembled that it least affects your page load time. So, you don’t have to worry about slow pages when using this plugin.

Different Strategic Locations


Monarch offers you with 6 different options to place your social sharing buttons. This allows you to maximize the possibility of getting your visitors to share your content. Let’s briefly discuss about the various locations:

Sidebar (Widget)

The sidebar is a great place to showcase your social following. Since, it is visible on most of the pages, the sidebar has a greater probability of catching the attention of your audience.

Floating Sidebar


The floating sidebar is a beautiful way to display social sharing buttons to your site visitors. With the customization options that Monarch offers, a floating sidebar is probably the most convenient way to get more shares.

Above Content

A strategic position to grab the attention of your website visitors.

Below Content

When the read has finally been through the content, let him not abandon but make him share your content with social sharing buttons below the content.

On Media

Images get shared a lot more than text, so tap in to the power of image sharing by placing social sharing buttons on media. A great way to get more shares on your content.

Fly In

Monarch plugin offers you this effective but less popular option to place a social sharing box on bottom-left or bottom-right corners. 10 animations to choose from, making it a great choice over pop-ups. But, Pop-ups have their own benefits, learn more ahead.

Pop Up

The Pop Ups are a great way to insist your visitors on sharing your content. It just gets in there way and reminds them like a boss, hey you got to keep the love moving forward. A bit annoying for the readers if not done correctly.

Content Above + Below Social Sharing Buttons

For maximum results, try implementing social sharing buttons on top and bottom of the content. So, the reader can easily have the option of sharing at his disposal whenever they want.

Buttons through Shortcodes

Social sharing buttons can be implemented through shortcodes anywhere so that you can have control and ability to place sharing buttons strategically as you want.

Total Control on the Social Media Aspect of Your Site

Monarch is not only about the beautifully designed buttons and there smart placement options. It is a smart plugin that lets you have control over the whole social media sharing department through intelligent options like:

Timed Delay:

You can configure the pop-ups and fly-ins to hop in after a pre-defined amount of time. An incredible option to get more shares while not annoying your readers.

Upon % Scroll:

This is another smart move if you want to get good number of shares without getting in the way of your content and reader from the start. The visitor will only see the sharing buttons via pop-up and fly-in after they have scrolled through a certain percentage of the content.

After Commenting:

When a reader decides to make a comment on your blog, it’s a proof that they’ve an opinion about your content so a high tendency to share content here. Display pop-up or fly-in once a reader comments.

After Purchasing:

Same as commenting, you can also choose to display fly-in and pop-ups when a purchase is made.
After Inactivity: Oh, so the reader hasn’t moved for a while now. Time to break the hypnosis of your content with a fly-in or pop-up sharing box.

Show Your Reputation (Social Counter)


Unless you’re focusing one just a few social networks by choice, you’ll want to make maximum use of the 40 social networks that Monarch integrates with.

The Analytics


Analytics are essential for making better decisions on what you need to do next and what you don’t need to worry about.

Monarch gives you detailed insights on what’s working and what is not, so that you can shape your social media strategy accordingly.

The Monarch Control Panel


Monarch offer you an easy to use and lovely settings panel from where you can control all the aspect of this plugin.


You don’t buy the plugin separately, you get with the Elegant Themes Subscription packages. There are three plans to choose from:

Personal: For $69 you’re getting access to all the themes, this does not include any of their plugins. So, to get Monarch, don’t choose this plan.

Developer: For $89 you’ll get 1 year access to all the themes and plugins at Elegant Themes. You’ll also get the layered PSD files with this package.

Choose the Lifetime Access plan if you don’t want to worry about paying for the subscription every year. This package will cost you $249.

So, now that I’ve given you enough information, you can have a good picture of how well this plugin can serve your needs. I’ll end this review with telling you why I think Monarch is where you should start integrating social media in your website.

Final Verdict

Monarch social sharing plugin can help you boost the share count of your content tremendously. I might not have mentioned all its specialties in this post but, the ones that I did mention are enough to tell you what it is capable of.Monarch might not be as complex or as powerful as its competing plugins on other WP markets like the “Easy Social Sharing Buttons for WordPress” on codecanyon. What it does offer is a simple to use UI and enough control and features that you don’t have to bother about the results.

If you believe in simplicity, clean design and minimalism then I’d recommend that you use Monarch Social Sharing plugin only.

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