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mythemeshop review

Are you planning to build your online business, or want to build your own personal brand over the internet? Your website is one of the most important aspects for your success. Always remember, your website is the one which reflects your personality. Making the right choice is something which is really difficult, but it’s important, it’s the design of your blog which is going to attract your visitors, and the one which adds a lot more functionalities to it are the plugins.

When it comes to building an online website, the primary choice of most of the developers is WordPress, because you get hundreds of options, in both free and premium one. Though the free themes are really good, a premium theme has got it’s plus points when it comes to development, features and support.

Talking about premium themes, MyThemeShop is your one stop destination for all your needs. MyThemeShop offers premium themes with outstanding features and unique designs. Now there is an obvious question which might pop in your mind, there are a lot more developers who deliver premium WordPress themes, but what makes MyThemeShop so unique?

First and the foremost thing, MyThemeShop is popular for their unique designs. Talking about the second most important thing, MyThemeShop has a huge fan base of more than 300,000 satisfied customers, this is the real whopper.

What is MyThemeShop?


You can probably figure it out by yourself just by looking at the name. MyThemShop is a place where you get some visually amazing premium WordPress themes. Though the name only includes the word ‘Theme’ it has also got some useful plugins which come with great functionality. MyThemeShop has got a customer base of 300,000+ customers, so there should be something interesting right, so let’s dive in and get into more details.


Though there is a lot of competition out there, MyThemeShop believes in sweet and simple pricing. As a result, all the premium WordPress themes are available for just $59 each, and all the plugins are priced at $29 each, thanks to the flat pricing structure.


If you are one of those who thinks you can save up a lot of money by getting the club membership, then you are right my friend. By just a mere amount of $167 a year, you can get access to all the 99 premium themes along with 20 plugins. The best part is that you get complete support and access to all the Photoshop PSD’s as well.
The perks of getting the membership are that you can use all the products of MyThemeShop on an unlimited number of websites; this is something great for the agencies and freelance developers.



All the themes which are provided by MyThemeShop are completely responsive, but what is being responsive really means? Responsiveness means that your website and all the features of your website works properly on all the devices such as desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc.


Responsiveness is one of the most important features these days because people are going to use different kind of platforms and devices to grab your content. MyThemeShop guarantees that all the premium themes which are available are completely responsive, so you don’t need to worry about the user experience when the visitor visits your site.

Video Tutorials

We all accept the truth that it will be helpful if the theme comes with complete documentation, but it would be more amazing if it comes with video tutorials, that’s what exactly MyThemeShop provides you with.


The video tutorials are helpful because it will provide step-by-step procedure of the complete setup process and even in the stages of website development. Be it anything, you might want to change your website layout or want to set a featured image, these video tutorials are going to help you at every stage.

Customer Support

What’s the use of amazing themes with extensive documentation without proper customer support? But that’s not the case with MyThemeShop, they have a dedicated team for customer support who are available 24/7, round the clock to solve all your queries and answer all your questions.

themify support

The best part is that MyThemeShop has got different support teams who can talk to you in your regional language and that too within your time zone. What else can you expect from customer support? All the members of the customer support team are trained properly to talk in a professional manner and to tackle any type of situation.

Strong Control Panel

Setting up your whole website is now just a piece of cake, thanks to the powerful options panel. If you want to make any customizations in your theme, you don’t need to change the codes or do any configuration.

control pannel
It is pretty simple with the help of the options panel. With the help of this, you can copy the exact demo and site and can implement it on to your site within seconds.

Zero Coding Skills

You might be passionate about web designing, but do you just hate to code? Welcome to the real world, there are a lot of people who feel the same. Even the most experienced web developers consider coding as a huge headache so now you can imagine the situation of a newbie.

co coding required


So to sort out this problem, MyThemeShop has come up with Shortcodes, which are included in all their themes. With the help of these Shortcodes, even a newbie can build a website with literally zero knowledge about coding. The main purpose of these Shortcodes is to create and customize different elements of your website without even knowing a single line of code.

Numerous Colors and Backgrounds

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like colors? You probably cannot find anyone. Everybody loves colors, and MyThemeShop provides you with an option where you can have unlimited colors and background options. Now you can change the colors and backgrounds with just a simple click.

color option

All the themes come with the options panel, so you can now use all your creativity and create your color combination. Coming to the background, you can select it from the numerous numbers of stock images, which are available, or you can upload your image.

Fonts from Google

Ever heard about Typography? It is one of the most important elements of a website. MyThemeShop knows the importance of the fonts, so it has provided 600 Google fonts with each and every single theme.

google fonts
So now you’ve got a lot of fonts to choose from, right from serif and sans to Arial and Batang. Scroll through the complete font library until you find the perfect one which suits all your needs and the one who is going to reflect your company’s brand.

Social Plugins

Social media platforms are one of the main means for the marketing and promotion of your website.

social share plugin

Keeping this in mind, MyThemeShop has got lightweight social sharing plugins for you using which anyone can share your content on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.,.

Loading Speed

The loading time of your website creates a huge impact on your traffic. No one of us like websites, which load slow, so if your site isn’t loading fast, then the user, would simply go to another site.

google page speed
So keeping this in mind all the themes provided by MyThemeShop comes with the clean interface and compressed codes by which you can ensure faster loading speed.

SEO Friendly Themes

The biggest advantage of having a clean code is that it can easily increase your search engine visibility. Other than this, a clean code allows a search engine to easily crawl your site without any barriers or hindrances.

seo friendly themes

All the themes follow the guidelines provided by Google, so this would eventually boost your search engine rankings.

Easy Setup Process

Let’s put aside options panel, for the time being, all the themes come with one-click installation options using which you can load any pre-built design or layout.

easy setup

The only thing which you need to do is, customize your content so that it would suit the well-designed website.


mythemeshop funtionality

MyThemeShop themes are designed with great functionality. All the themes come with a separate theme options panel, from which you can control all the theme settings, can import the dummy content, and can also play with the customization options.

Best Selling MyThemeshop Themes List

1.Socially Viral

You can probably figure out by the name, SociallyViral is a theme which is specially designed to increase the number of shares on your post so that it would go viral.

mythemeshop Socially Viral theme

This is a well-designed theme which comes with a lot of features such as subscription box, full social integration, and even four different types of loading effects. This theme is completely AdSense optimized, so you don’t need to worry about the CPC because it will be higher.


Schema, you all might have heard this name once or twice. Schema is the fastest loading theme which is available on MyThemeShop. This is a completely optimized premium SEO theme. Schema comes with some awesome features such as custom options panel, and also pixel perfect design, you just going to love it if you are a pixel lover.

mythemeshop Schema

Another reason for this theme being SEO friendly is because it also comes with rich snippets. There are a lot of features such as in built review system, ad management, etc.,. So if you are one of those who is looking forward to rank higher in the SERPS and also wants to earn huge money via ads, then Schema is your best choice.

3.Point Pro

We can define Point Pro theme in just one single sentence, awesome performance with stunning looks. Point Pro is all about clean and fast responsive design with stunning looks. If you are a fan of headers, then this theme come along with quite a larger number of header designs to choose form.

point pro

The best feature of this theme is the ‘Projects Page’ in which you can easily showcase all your best work. There are tons of other features as well such as unlimited backgrounds and colors, off-canvas mobile view, and even the custom sidebars.


Cisco has recently conducted a survey, and according to that in the year 2017, more than 69% of the internet’s traffic would be generated by videos. So the video is an amazing theme, which helps you to utilize the power of social media, video, and content all combined.

video theme

This theme is completely optimized for videos with a different kind of post and homepage layout. The best part is that this theme has got low bounce rate, so now it’s a sure thing that your visitors are going to stay for a longer time on your website to grab your video content.

5.OnePage Theme

onpage theme

OnePage is a complete portfolio and business sort of theme, and it is very well known for its drag and drop homepage layout and even for the clean handwritten codes. This theme comes with some great features such as dynamic menu using which all your visitors can easily navigate through all your pages.

Best Selling Plugin List

1.WP Review Pro

wp review pro

One of the best outstanding features of WP Review Pro is that you don’t even need to know a single line of code to setup and install the plugin. All you need to do to use WP Review Pro is, just install the plugin and simply configure the settings manager.

Another best thing about this plugin is that it also comes with customer review, start ratings, and even customer comments as well. This plugin works with all the themes, so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

2.WP Mega Menu

Do you want to create beautiful menus in your website which would just look gorgeous? Then WP Mega Menu is your best choice. To do so, you don’t even need to do any configuration.

wp mega menu

This plugin can be installed with just one simple click and is also compatible with all the versions of WordPress as well. You’ve got three different types of layouts and multiple loading effects to choose from. The background and the colors option are unlimited anyways.

3.WP Subscribe Pro

If you are doing an online business and willing to boost your sales by converting your traffic, then building your subscription list is something which is really important. Just install this plugin, and it will ensure that you will have all the resources to do so.

wp subscribe pro

The good thing is that WP Subscribe Pro is also integrated with Aweber, MailChimp, and even cookie expiration. One good feature of this plugin is, whenever your visitor leaves your site pop up would trigger up with your custom message.

4.WP Notification Bar

When a visitor is reading something on your site, with the help of WP Notification Bar, you can display custom alerts and notifications. This would include all the latest stuff which is going on in your website.

wp notification bar
If you use this plugin, your users can see all the latest promotions immediately, so this would lead you to higher conversions. This plugin comes along with unlimited notifications bar, countdown timer, newsletter box, and even text-only notifications as well.

5.WP Google Translate

We are in the 21st century where all the geographical and language barriers are removed. By this, I mean that your visitor might be from any part of the world, but still he can read all the content which you write.

wp google translate

Now with the help of WP Google Translate plugin, you don’t need to worry if your visitors could understand your language or not, because this plugin can translate your whole site into 80 different languages.

A few important points to know

  • MyThemeShop adds a new theme every month to their collection.
  • All the themes are compatible with WordPress multi-sites as well.
  • They Payments methods accepted by MyThemeShop are both PayPal and even 2Checkout.
  • All the themes provided are user-friendly and are responsive as well.
  • The support form of MyThemeShop is very active, you can ask all your question over here to get real-time answers.


All in all, we can consider MyThemeShop as of the best WordPress club which offers some high-quality themes, which looks gorgeous and are cheap as well when it comes to the pricing. If you are an individual who is looking for a good theme with some great functionality, then you can go ahead and purchase the theme of your choice, but if you are a developer or a freelance web designer, I would highly suggest you go with the club subscription.

Though MyThemeShop provides some amazing themes and useful plugins, another important point on which we can trust them is on their customer base.

Satisfying 300,000+ customers isn’t a small thing, so by this, we can easily assume that MyThemeShop provides excellent quality with low prices. There are tons and tons of themes available in different categories, so you can select the one which you like and then you can customize them until your creativity ends.

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