Themify Review 2021 – Easy to Use Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

Do you own a WordPress blog and looking out for a perfect theme? I know there are tons and tons of themes available out there, but choosing the right one is where all the game lies in. Your blog theme is directly proportional to the success of your blog.

No matter how good or informative your content is, it’s your theme which is going to attract your readers. If you are one among those people who are trying hard to buy a theme for your blog, this post is going to help you a lot.
Now I will be discussing a perfect place where you can get some awesome themes for your WordPress site. It’s Themify, let us dive in and get to know about all the details such as features, pricing, plugins, and support, etc.,.

What is Themify?


You might have heard this name many times, but do you know what Themify is? Let me tell you. It all began back then in the year 2010 when two friends, Nick La and Darry Clarke came together to make something which is useful for the WordPress users.

There are a lot of other sites out there which sell themes, but Themify has been in this market for the past six years, and it has won the hearts of the customers. Not only that, but Themify is one among those very few theme websites which is recommended by

The main motto of Themify is pretty simple; it is to develop some beautiful looking WordPress themes and powerful plugins. If you run multiple websites, Themify has got some exciting offers for you, subscribe for their yearly plan in which you will get access to all the Themify products which includes both the themes and plugins.

Themify Pricing:-

themify plan

So now let us begin by discussing the price of the products.

Themify doesn’t want to make things complicated, so to keep it sweet and simple it is offering all the themes at $49 flat. Each of the plugins is more complicated then we could think, so there is a price variation which can be expected. So each plugin add-on would cost you an extra $10 each.

Let’s be honest, these are the standard prices in the WordPress world, neither cheap nor too expensive. If you have got a lot of bucks in your wallet, then you can get a lot on each penny which you spend. Themify club membership has got some great offers for you.


Standard is the most basic plan of the Themify Club Membership. This plan is going to cost you $79 a year in which you will be getting access to all the themes.


The developer is another popular plan which is available at $99 a year in which you will be getting access to all the themes and the Photoshop files as well.


As the name goes on, this is a master plan which is available at $139 a year in which you will be having access to all the themes, Photoshop files, and even the plugins as well.


You can probably figure out the plan by looking at its name, yes this is a life time plan which is available at $399 and is valid for lifetime. In this, you will be getting access to each and everything that too for a lifetime.

No matter which plan you go with, all the plans come along with support till the duration of the membership. All these themes can be used on unlimited number of websites, which means you can use these themes on your client’s websites as well.

Themify Themes:-

Themify Themes

Now it’s time for us to check out the Themify Themes. As I’ve told you previously, each theme is going to cost you $49, but wait you can save a lot if you opt for the club membership. Even if you go with the standard plan, it is going to cost you $79 a year which means that you are getting each theme for less than $2.

Themify Theme Features:-

themify feature

We all know that each and every Themify theme is unique, but there is something which is similar to all the themes, it’s the Themify framework.

Themify themes come with tons and tons of useful features, and the basic one amongst them is the demo import. If you have chosen your theme by looking at the demo, then you can have the same look on your site just within seconds.

Themify comes with advance customization options, so you also get access to the Themify Builder. All the Themify themes come along with built-in shortcodes using which you can easily add some cool looking content on to your site. The best part is that Themify is also compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, and with all the latest versions of WordPress.

Finding a Theme:-

When we compare with all the other WordPress theme clubs, Themify has got comparatively fewer themes. Anyways, all these themes are really good looking and are different from each other. Once you head on to the website, all the themes are listed down according to their popularity, and with just a simple click you can get the demo of all the themes.

Before you go ahead and purchase any of the themes, I would highly recommend you to go through the demo view of that particular theme because this is going to give you a basic idea on how your site is going to look with that theme.

If you are confused with what theme you should be going with, then Themify has also included categories to make your work simple. There are a lot of categories available such as e-commerce, magazine themes, portfolio, corporate, and even the restaurant theme as well. Before you make the payment for the theme, head on to the product page and check out the theme to get all the features and information regarding the themes.

Popular Themify Themes:-


themify ultra theme

If you are looking for a multi-purpose all-rounder theme, then Ultra is your best choice. This theme is flexible and can be used to build any website. This theme comes with a lot of customization option; you can choose each and everything right from the layouts, colors, and even the fonts as well. If you are looking for a versatile theme, then Ultra is your best choice.


themify landing theme

As the name goes on, this is a theme which is dedicated especially if you are creating a landing page. The layout of this theme is pretty simple, and the main purpose of this theme is to collect the email addresses. Talking about the customization options, this theme comes along with five different header options, which gives you an opportunity to design a perfect landing page.


infinite themify theme

Infinite is a photography theme which just looks amazing. This theme comes along with a large slider and with stylish typography. This theme comes with infinite scrolling feature because images are the heaviest elements of the website. Images on this theme are displayed in a larger size with a beautiful font, which just looks amazing to your visitor.


split themify theme

As the list keeps on going, Split is another beautiful theme designed by Themify. You get to see some amazing animations when your scroll your page down. The main advantage of a split is that you can display all the comparisons side by side. I’m sure that you’ve seen pintrest, this theme supports pintrest style of a portfolio.


stack themify theme

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can easily figure out that this theme is inspired by Windows 8 metro design. This theme is visually stunning, especially the color scheme is awesome. The theme comes along with infinite scroll to maintain the website loading speed.

Themify Plugins:-

Other than the fantastic themes, Themify has also got an awesome collection of premium plugins and a couple of add-ons as well. There is a total of five premium themes and three free themes in this collection, let us look at some of the most popular ones.

Themify Builder:-

themify builder plugin

If you are looking for the core Themify Builder, then it is available for $39, or you get it for just $39 as the part of the Master Club package which is mentioned above. Themify is a powerful page builder plugin which gives you an opportunity where you can use in all your creativity.

Designing beautiful custom designs for your page is possible through Themify Builder. The best part about Themify Builder is that you can build all your custom designs either using the front end or the back end as well. Whenever you use the front end building function, this will be giving you a full preview of how all your modules will be looking together on live.

There are a lot of modules which comes along with Themify Builder. These modules also include maps, galleries, sliders, and even call to action buttons as well. Each module comes with more than 60 stylish animations, so your website is going to look visually stunning.

Now we have just discussed the core modules, but in addition to this, Themify has also released 19 builder extensions which are too good, let’s check out a couple of them, they are

themify page builder

1.Image Pro – Adds some good looking filters, overlays, and even animations to all your images.

2.Pricing Table

3.Bar Chart

4.Content Restriction – Using this extension you can easily turn your normal site into a membership site.

5.WooCommerce – With the help of this extension, you can display all your WooCommerce products on any part of your site.

6.Progress Bars


8.A/B Images – Using this extension you can place both the before and after images side by side, that too with a good looking dynamic slider which is going to help you in comparing them.

So if you are planning to get these extensions, each one of them is going to cost you $10, or you can get all of them at just $39. But as I’ve told you before, by paying $139 you can get access to all the extensions.

Post Type Builder:-

themify post type builder

Post type builder is one of the best plugins to create custom post types. With the help of this plugin, you can also build templates for all your posts and pages as well. In addition to all these, post type builder comes with two add-ons to increase its functionality.

1.Extra Fields:-

Extra fields are the best add-on which let you create eight additional input fields which also includes maps, sliders, and galleries as well.


With the help of submissions, you can edit your custom post types all from the front end. This extension is helpful for the directories.

WooCommerce Shop Dock:-

wc shop dock

This is a cool plugin for the WooCommerce users which lets you add AJAX shopping cart to your store. What this means is that now your shoppers can add the items to the cart in real time without refreshing the page.


themify titles

Have you been a fan of Windows 8? Then you are going to like the Tiles plugin. This plugin lets you create tile grids for your WordPress site which look like the one in Windows 8. Now the best part is that you can add all types of media to these Tiles such as images, and videos. You can use all your creativity to customize these tiles because you can also set custom dimensions and colors for your tiles. If you want to do so, it is pretty easy thanks to the drag and drop interface.

Themify Support:-

themify support

All the Themify themes and plugins come along with extensive documentation. There are tons and tons of guides available which also includes a lot of videos with simple explanation for easy understanding.

Themify also has a FAQ section which is going to help you out with most of the common problems. Each and every theme and plugin comes along with a sub forum. Forums are the best way because you can to get answers to most of the common questions, you just need to browse through them to get solutions. Themify also has email support which mainly serves the purpose of pre-sale queries and billing related problems.

Free Collection:-

Though Themify is in the field of selling premium WordPress themes, but still, Themify offers a lot of free stuff for the WordPress community. Now let us discuss the most popular tools and plugins in this free collection.

Themify Flow:-

Themify flow is the best drag and drop page builder framework. With the help of this Themify flow, you can build some beautiful responsive WordPress themes, and the best part is it is completely open source. Now you can easily export all your work and use it on other sites as well.
As Themify flow has drag and drop interface, you can easily customize each and every aspect of the website and can also build custom templates for some specific pages. You can create templates for the header, footer, and even the sidebar as well.

Each and every single element of your website can be customized, you can play with the colors, font, and backgrounds as well. Before you use the Themify flow, make sure to check out the demo because you can see all the features of Themify without installing the setup.

Shortcodes Plugin:-

As we have told you before, Themify works on frameworks, and it has got some awesome built-in features. You get 16 types of unique snippets in the form of Shortcodes. The best use of Shortcodes is that it allows you to add some amazing features to your websites such as author box, maps, and sliders as well.

Themify Icons Plugin:-

I guess Themify got inspired from the iOs 7, they have recently released their icons collection which just looks gorgeous. You can now use these amazing icons with any theme, all thanks to the Themify Icons plugin.
Themify Icons are one among those very few icons which are pretty popular among the developers. The reason behind this is because these icons can be used on personal projects and clients projects as well.

Conditional Menus Plugin:-

Finally, the long wait is over, and we have the menus plugin here. As the name goes on, this plugin allows you to use conditional logic to determine which custom built menu should be displayed on which page. If you want all your menus to fit in the content displayed on the screen, then Conditional Menus plugin is what all you need.

Pagespeed Comparison: Themify Ultra vs Divi, Astra, Elementor, Avada, OceanWP, Beaver

So all in all, Themify offers each and everything which you can expect from a WordPress club. When we go with price vs. quality ratio, the prices are quite affordable when we look at the quality of service which they are providing.

Though you can buy all the Themify products individually, I would suggest to add up some more money and subscribe to their membership because in that you will be getting each theme for a mere amount of $2 and also you can have complete access to all the 50 themes in the collection.

So here we come to an end, are you using Themify themes? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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