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WP Rich Snippets Plugin Review

Reaching the audience is the number one priority for bloggers and business. What’s the point of spending tons of money and writing time if the audience is not well-received?

In the end, you need to convince the audience how awesome the product is. This is where snippets come into play.
Snippets not only gives an audience a great overview of what the product holds but also provides to tell the search engine on what you are trying to do.


As you can see in the above example, it is a review type article with a star rating. If you want to have a similar type of information indexed by Google, you just need to use a snippet plugin.

Today, we will go forward and review WP Rich Snippets.

WP Rich Snippet is a great plugin to add a snippet to your website posts. The snippets can be used for displaying information for a different type of posts/information.

You can provide information about events, recipes, products, people, reviews, Businesses, and organization. They all combine to be named popularity as Schema.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started with what WP Rich Snippets hold for us.

WP Rich Snippets Review

WP Rich Snippets is a plugin by AuthorHReview. The plugin enables you to add rich snippets to your WordPress website.
As we have discussed earlier, the snippets can really improve your website visibility to the search engine.
The plugin also improves the user experience of the user who visit the website.

The plugin easily helps you to remove the noise and represent the information in a very structured manner.


The above screenshot depicts on awesome the review will look like. An image will be kept at the top, followed by editor rating on the left and user rating on the right.

The price will be shown in the middle in big fonts.

The criteria defined by the editor will be shown both below the editor rating and the user ratings.
Below everything, you will see a summary on the review. Summaries are great for readers as they provide a quick understanding of what the product is capable of.

Should You Use WP Rich Snippets?

If you are a regular reviewer and wants to grab the attention of the visitors and the search engine, using rich snippets can further enhance your chances to be heard.WP Rich Snippets offers a simple review design template that focuses on clarity and information exchange.Also, if you are not into reviews, you can still take advantage of the WP Rich Snippets. Many blogs, eCommerce sites, recipe blogs, organization utilize rich snippets to make their page more useful at least in the eyes of search engine.

With different schema types support, such as price, opening hours, address, ratings, etc. anyone can make use of the WP Rich Snippets.

Utilizing WP Rich Snippets

After you purchase the plugin, you will get a downloadable link for the plugin. Go forward and download it.
Upload via Plugins > Add New> Upload. Once done, you need to activate the plugin.

Once installed and activated, you can either use the default option or go the settings tab to change the settings.
The settings of the plugins look as below.


As you can see the settings are self-explanatory and can be changed according to your requirement.
To make your life easier, you may want to turn the Rich snippets on the screen options.

Go to the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and press “Screen options”.

Once, you are there, click on “Rich Snippets” and now you can easily handle the plugin options.

To make Rich snippets work, always prefer to use the right snippet for your posts. There is no point in using a review snippet for a simple blog post.

WP Rich Snippets Features

Without wasting much time, let’s dive deep into the WP Rich Snippets features.

  • You can choose to disclose paid reviews notification. This will help readers to understand the post better.
  • Want to use multiple types of rich snippets? You can do it with the help of WP Rich Snippets.
  • Plugins settings can easily be imported/exported.
  • Add media types such as sliders, images, YouTube videos, slideshows to your reviews.
  • Supports tons of add-ons for better functionality. You can get the basic plugin and later choose the add-on for customization.
  • Display positive and negative at the end of the result for better summarization purposes.
    And much more.

Add-ons Functionality

Addons play an important role in making the plugin a success. If you are looking to extend the functionality of the addon, then don’t forget to use the add-ons provided by the developers.

The add-ons page offers the list of add-ons that are available online. Currently, the system offers 12 addons.
The notable ones are DataTables, Ranking Table, Locations, Customizer.

Installing add-ons are simple as installing a plugin.


WP Rich Snippets can be purchased win four packages.

Pricing - WordPress Rich Snippets

  1. Personal – $69 for one site license, 1 year of support and one year of updates
  2. Plus – $99 for 3 Site licenses, 1 year of support, 1 year of updates.
  3. Professional — Unlimited Site licenses + 1 year support + 1 year update + 12 premium add-ons
  4. Ultimate — Comes with unlimited year support and updates + Professional package elements.

If you are just starting out, you might want to try the plus package. According to me, the pricing is a little bit steep.

Support And Conclusion

The support for the plugin is top-notch. You can use their ticket system or call them for a faster response.
Rich Snippets can easily improve your website visibility. Visitors will love it as it offers readability and clarity. Also, it does offers Google a nice way to showcase your articles.

In the end, you have everything to benefit and nothing to lose.

So, are you planning to use rich snippets on your website? Are, you ready to spend for this functionality? Comment below and let us know.

Also, share the articles with your peers and let them know about this amazing plugin!

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