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If you ask any experienced blogger or webmaster about the industry’s best web hosting service provider, you should look into how you need to apply for the HostGator 1 cent coupon code. Furthermore, Hostgator is a stable and popular web hosting service provider that provides you with super-fast and secure servers which will not even once let your website go down. There are also affordable web hosting payment plans which will appeal to everyone irrespective of your financial capability.

Therefore, if you want some of the best discount offers, let me guide you on how you can apply for the 1 cent Hostgator Coupon at the checkout page.

Consequently, you get to enjoy one month free of web hosting using these codes, and if you decide to purchase, there are various options available for you to choose from depending on your budget.

How to Purchase Hostgator Hosting With 1 Cent Coupon?

Step 1: Open Website

To make use of this coupon, you must first visit the through your web browser and subsequently click on the “Get Started Now” button.

Step 2: Choose Your Plan

You get to decide which of three payment plans is most desirable to suit your needs. These three plans include the Business Plan, the Baby Plan and lastly the Hatchling Plan. Moreover, all these payments plans have some similarities, and that is one click installation and unmetered bandwidth.

Step 3: Select a Domain

Enter the domain name you intend to buy or continue with a domain name you already own. Additionally, you can uncheck the Domain Privacy Protection if you do not require privacy protection with this subsequently saving you $12.95.

Step 4: Pick a Hosting Plan

In this step, you need to enter both your username as well as PIN plus your preferred 1-month billing the 1 cent web hosting.

Step 5: Enter Your Billing Information

Here, you need first to choose the payment method you find most convenient, with the two choices being either PayPal or Credit Card. Additionally, other information which is required includes your email address, first and last name, phone number, company name, two Addresses with one being optional, Zip Code, City, State, and Country.You also have the option to add other Additional Services by checking the boxes, and this include Assure Safety to Your Visitors and Convert Them to Customers, Backup Your Hard Work, Get Your Professional Email from Google, and Protect Your Website From Hackers (highly recommendable).

Step 6: Enter the Coupon Code and Click on Validate

Once you have followed all the steps highlighted before, you need to enter the coupon code and validate it. Furthermore, displayed on the Review Order Details include the Instant Account Activation, Hosting Plan you have selected, Money Back Guarantee and 24/7/365 Phone, Email, LifeChat Support.

Consequently, proceed to the “Checkout Now” to finalize your order, and if you require to purchase additional hosting for another month, you can make use of the Coupon Code SNAPPYBACK to get a 61% discount.Thus, this is the complete buying guide to purchasing the HostGator web hosting plan as well as using the discount coupon codes.

How Much You Save With HostGator

With HostGator, you get to save more than 60% of the cost you would have presently incurred if you were to get the services of another web hosting service provider.
Payment Methods Accepted By Hostgator

There are two payment methods primarily accepted by HostGator, and these are payment using PayPal and the other being payment via Credit Card. Therefore, you have the option to choose whichever between these two payment methods is most preferable and convenient to your personal needs.

Hosting Plans Available in HostGator

HostGator has three payment packages to choose from with each despite having some common similarity differing from each other slightly. These packages include The Business Plan, The Baby Plan, and the

Hatchling Plan.

The Hatchling Plan is the cheapest of all these three packages costing you a monthly fee that starts at $2.75. Moreover, other features available in this package include unmetered width, one-click installation as well as a single domain. Additionally, this plan does include a free SSL certificate which is quite handy and currently has a 60% off.

The Baby Plan cost starts at $3.45 every month, and its features include unmetered bandwidth, one-click installation, plus a free SSL certificate. However, its distinguishing feature is the unlimited domains feature which makes paying this package a bit more practical since it can address a broader range of your needs. Also, it now has 60% off.

Lastly, the other package offered by HostGator is the Business Plan, which like the two other packages discussed above presently has a 60% off, has an unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. However, its differentiating features apart from the unlimited domains feature it shares with the Baby Plan include Free SEO tools, Free Dedicated IP and Free Upgrade to Positive SSL. All this will cost you a starting fee of $5.95 monthly.

The Right Plan To Choose

Of all these packages, the Baby Pan seems like an ideal package since it still offers you unlimited domains while still being affordable in comparison to the Business Plan. Furthermore, since it contains a free SSL certificate, all the contents of your site will always be flagged as secure hence increasing the faith of your customers whenever they are using your site. With this package, you will effectively and quickly achieve all your company objectives through excellent web hosting services.

Nevertheless, regardless of whichever plan you opt for, all these packages come with the easy one-click installation of WordPress as well as other popular content platforms, unlimited emails plus 24/7/365 technical support.

How Long Does It Take Hostgator To Register A Domain?

Upon purchasing HostGator, your account setup process starts immediately and the probable time frame for every kind of hosting varies as follows;

  • Reseller, Shared, Cloud Sites and Optimized WordPress accounts take not more than one hour to set up.
  • VPS with Plesk o cPanel takes approximately three to four hours to set up.
  • VPS without Plesk or cPanel needs less than one hour to set up fully.
  • The dedicated server takes between 24 to 48 hours to set up.After signing up, you will get an email from stating your order has been received and is being processed. Moreover, if you still are required to pay, an email is sent to you guiding you to clear your balance before your account is activated. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive a welcome email, and subsequently, you can now commence publishing your website online with

Does HostGator Offer You an SSL Certificate?

HostGator guarantees you a free SSL Certificate after paying for any of its three packages. So, this web hosting services ensure you secure connections from any web server to your browser. Usually, an SSL Certificate is used in data transfer and logins, securing credit card transactions and lately is being used in securing your connections when browsing social media websites.

How to Cancel HostGator Hosting

You may decide to cancel your HostGator hosting due to multiple reasons including regretting to sign up to this company’s service, having a new idea for your business that does not need paying for web hosting, you do not own a site anymore, or you want to get the services of a different web hosting provider.Therefore, to cancel your subscription, you need to send the HostGator Billing department a cancellation form. Consequently, you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation instantaneously.

However, if after an hour you still do not receive a confirmation email, it is possible HostGator has not received your request thus you need to contact the Billing department. If the request was received, ask to be sent the confirmation email, if not resend using the similar email you used to create your account. Finally, after approximately three business days to verify and close your account, you will receive a confirmation email from HostGator that your account has been canceled successfully.

Does HostGator Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, with HostGator, you get a 45-Day Money-Back guarantee in case you feel that this company’s web hosting services do not quite fit your requirements. Therefore, in case you find yourself in such a scenario, you can request a full refund within 45 days.

What Every HostGator Plan Includes

Easy-To-Use Control Panel (cPanel)

With this web hosting service provider, you get the world’s most popular hosting control available right to your fingertips, thus doing your work while using the HostGator significantly straightforward.

Infinite Email Addresses

With HostGator, you can create as many email addresses as you wish as email forwards hence proving this effectiveness of this web hosting service provider to fulfill all your needs.
Free Advertising Credit and WordPress Blog Tools

To avail to you and all our customers these extra benefits, HostGator partnered with the best in the business subsequently ensuring you do get the best possible services.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the services of this web hosting service provider are far below your expectations, you have the option to cancel whatever plan you had subscribed to within the first 45 days after subscription. Subsequently, you will receive a complete refund of your investment.

Unmetered Disk Space and Bandwidth

When you won an account, you are not restricted to the quantity of file you need to have or the number of transfers you can make when carrying out your day to day tasks. So, this proves handy and does not limit how you get to carry out your business needs without a single glitch effectively.

24/7/365 Technical Support.

In case you experience any issue while using HostGator, you can contact the company’s support staff who always are available to assist you in whatever matter that is hindering you from effectively carrying out your operations. Additionally, you can either contact the support staff through LiveChat, Telephone or email, therefore the broad options available guarantee that you always have a way to reach the support staff in case of any problem.

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