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Did you know that you can save at WPX Hosting by using our promo code? Before we get to that, it’s important to learn how to get WPX Hosting coupon.

2021's Best WPX Hosting Coupon Code

We are currently offering our exclusive WPX Hosting coupon code to all first time customers.

Having partnered with WPX Hosting, we want to ensure new customers get to save and enjoy fast, reliable and secure hosting service. Browse to WPX Hosting website to get started.

With WPX Hosting, quality services is all you will get. The highly optimized SSD servers allows for faster page load times.

To save on the monthly WPX Hosting, use our exclusive WPX Hosting coupon code – BestHosting (caps matter!).

Get started with WPX Hosting by clicking“Start Now.” You will be redirected to the WordPress hosting plan page.

Three plans are available namely:

  1. Business – allows one to host 5 websites, comes with 28 days backup, 10GB storage, 50GB bandwidth, Live chat access, access to the staging area and 30 day money back guarantee. Other core features include dedicated RAM, Tier 1 connectivity, Application Firewall, Opcode caching, DOS and DDOS protection. Pay $19.99 a month (when paid yearly) and $24.99 a month (when paid monthly)
  2. Professional – allows customers to host 15 websites, offers 20 GB storage, 100GB bandwidth and other features available with the Business plan. Pay $39.999 a month (if paid yearly) and $49.99 a month (if paid every month).
  3. Elite – allows hosting of 35 websites, offers 40GB storage and unlimited bandwidth (this is subject to reasonable use limit). All features available in both Business and Professional plans. Pay $79.99 a month (if paid yearly) and $99 a month (if paid per month).

Once you select a suitable plan, enter your domain name. Have an existing domain name? WPX Hosting can migrate both your existing domain and website for free.

Domain Name

To get WPX Hosting 50% OFF discount, add our exclusive promo code – BestHosting – in the text box titled “Use promotion code.”

Select your billing cycle. Choose the monthly plan if you want to shave 60% OFF the price.

To complete the order, select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

Currently, WPX Hosting accepts PayPal and major credit cards – MasterCard and Visa. Before that, confirm in the order summary if the discount is applied.

The monthly price should now be 50% OFF.

If the order summary does not reflect the discount, browse back to the previous page, select Yearly plan, then Monthly plan and proceed with the other steps.

This should correct the earlier anomaly. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER.

Doing so may lead to the loss of your new domain name.

This is because you have not completed the purchase of your domain name and hosting plan.

Choose payment method

Remember, the 50% OFF discount is for the first month.

Client Information

Are you in search of faster, reliable and secured hosting service?

If you care about SEO and Google page rank, WPX Hosting is the right partner for you. As a business, having a faster website is a plus.

For starters, customers are served with quick page loading times which mean they will continue browsing your website. Thanks to faster page load times, Google will rank your website higher on its search engine results.

As you already know, online users trust first page results. This means more traffic to your website and higher conversion rates.

In the end, your business will experience increased sales and revenue.

WPX Hosting was started with the goal of providing faster hosting service. The company has invested in brand new high-spec SSD servers which have enabled superior page loading speed.

Thanks to the highly optimized machines, your customers can enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

So what exactly is this WPX XDN?

Planning to host Black Friday Sales or any other holiday sale?

Your online retail website will now be able to handle the thousands of customers shopping for different products thanks to WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting Review: My Experience After 2 Years of Hosting my Websites

WPX Hosting Coupon Code FAQs

How much can you save on WPX Hosting?

With our WPX Hosting promo code, you will save 50% OFF the price if you select monthly plan and not the yearly plan.
For instance, selecting the Business package currently priced at $24.99 means you will pay $12.49 once you apply our 50% promo code.
As a result, you will save $12.50.
For the Professional package which is priced at $49.99 a month, you will save $25 and pay $24.99.
The Elite package is priced at $99 a month meaning you will save $49.50 and only pay $49.50.

How does WPX Hosting domain pricing work?

When signing up for your first WPX Hosting plan, you will be required to provide a domain name. A domain name is a special web address that allows online users and search engine bots to locate your website.
Want to know how to select the best domain name for your business. Here are tips to get you started.
If you have an existing domain name, follow the migration instructions provided by WPX Hosting. If you are unsuccessful, live chat with support and they will surely help you.
Currently, WPX Hosting charges $10.99 a year for a .com extension and $8.99 a year for the .de extension.
Other domain names are charged as follows:
.co.uk at $8.99 a year
.net at $12.99 a year
.org at $13.99 a year
.info at $13.99 a year
.co at $27.99 a year
.us at $8.99 a year
Here is more information on WPX Hosting domain pricing.

Does the monthly cost include a domain name?

No. WPX Hosting does not offer a free domain name when you purchase any monthly hosting plan.
If you already bought your domain name from another web hosting provider, WPX Hosting can help you migrate for free.
Once you select your plan, just enter your domain name in the space provided (under existing domain name) and complete your order.
WPX Hosting engineers will perform the migration seamlessly and within a 24 hour period, your account should be fully established.
Furthermore, WPX Hosting does offer free unlimited SSL on all websites thus assuring you of protection from unauthorized users.

What is domain privacy and is it included in WPX Hosting domain hosting services?

This service helps to hide the domain registrant’s personal information from the public WHOIS database.
Information masked through domain privacy includes personal name, address, phone, email and business name.

WPX Hosting offers this service for free on all supported domains. What are the benefits of domain privacy?

It helps to protect your personal data
Helps to prevent unwanted solicitations
Helps to secure your email address and prevent spammers from sending you unwanted marketing emails
Prevents domain hijacking

Does WPX Hosting offer monthly billing?

Yes, they do. If you select the Business monthly package, you will be charged $24.99 while for the Professional package; you will be charged $49.99.
For the Elite package, WPX Hosting charges $99 a month.
If you use our 50% OFF promo code – Best Hosting, the monthly charge will be reduced for the first month.
What does this mean for you? More savings!

Which WPX Hosting plan should I choose?

Selecting WPX Hosting means you will enjoy the following features:

Highly optimized data centers in the US and UK
Full SSD servers
Unlimited visitors which means you only pay for the bandwidth used
Automatic backups that covers every 14 days
Highly secured from DDOS and malware attacks
Unlimited Free SSL certificate
Latest PHP version – select the version that suits your needs
Live chat

In addition to the above core features, each package comes with its own features designed to offer fast, reliable and highly secure browsing experience.

Although WPX Hosting offers an intuitive cpanel and interface which is easy to use, the hosting plans are more suited for businesses and high authority blogs.

If your website attracts less than 10,000 visitors in a month, the Business package is ok and if your website attracts more than 50,000 visitors in a month, the Elite plan will suit you best.

Do I need a promo code to get discounted pricing on WPX Hosting plans?

Yes and No. You only need our 50% OFF WPX Hosting promo code if you are planning to pay every month. This means that you will enjoy reduced rates during the first month.

Furthermore, your customers will enjoy faster, reliable and secure browsing experience.
WPX Hosting offers the yearly plan on all the packages – Business, Professional and Elite. If you select to pay yearly, you will enjoy the following discounts offered by WPX Hosting:

Business –priced at $19.99 a month, customers will pay a yearly fee of $239.88. This means they will save $ 60.
Professional – priced at $39.99 a month, customers will pay a yearly fee of $479.88. This means they will save $120.
Elite – priced at $79.99 a month, customers will pay a yearly fee of $958.88. This means they will save $240.

Remember, the prices above are not inclusive of domain name charges and other add-ons.

Will my hosting rates increase after the first year?

If you select the monthly billing cycle for all plans and use our exclusive 50% OFF WPX Hosting promo code, you will save on the first month only.
Subsequent months will be charged at stated prices. If you select the yearly billing cycle, you will save 25% OFF the total price.
Thanks to the savings above, your hosting rates will not increase even after the first year.

Will WPX Hosting help me switch to a Professional or Elite when I’m ready?

Sure, WPX Hosting engineers are prepared to help you migrate to either the Professional or Elite plan.
Once you migrate, you will enjoy increased storage, increased bandwidth allocation and more hosting capacity.
What are you waiting for?
Get started with WPX Hosting promo code and enjoy 50% discount today!

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