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TMDHosting was founded in 2007 as a webhosting provider and reseller.

Currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida the company offers dedicated servers, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting.

As a premier provider of web hosting services, TMDHosting has grown and established data centers in cities such as Phoenix, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

They are SAS 70 type II certified and integrated with TMD-C1 features, redundant N+1 power and advanced networking capabilities.

TMDHosting is currently celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

In the spirit of celebrating its accomplishments and continued support from its customers,

TMDHosting is offering the following promotion – 65%+7%=72% OFF the regular price to new customers signing up to one of its webhosting services.

To save more, use the promo code that will be provided later.


How to Get the Maximum TMDHosting Discount?

As said earlier, TMDHosting is able to provide 99.9% uptime at all times. What does this mean for customers?

Increased traffic, increased conversion rates and improved service delivery.

The webhosting provider has implemented a firewall developed by its internal team of programmers.

This ensures that all data and information belonging to its customers is protected from malicious persons, viruses and Trojans.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about your website being blacklisted by Google for having been hacked. Thanks to the firewall, you can sleep well knowing that your digital assets are protected.

TMDHosting Coupon Code

So, how do you get the maximum discount? TMDHosting is running its own promotion where new customers can save up to 65% for shared hosting and 60% for cloud sites.

What does this mean?

If you purchase shared hosting today especially the Starter plan, you will be charged $2.95 a month and not the regular price of $8.95.

This is thanks to the 65% discount.

Did you know you can save more?

Use TMDHosting coupon code: newskill7 and save 7% more. To save, add the promo code above in the appropriate webpage.

This should appear after selecting your billing information.

Since the code is valid, 7% will be deducted off the total price.

How much can you save on TMDHosting?

Currently, TMDHosting offers three shared hosting packages namely Starter, Business and Enterprise. Starter is designed for beginners.

It is perfect for persons looking to set up their first successful website or blog. The regular price for the Starter plan is $8.95.

Since TMDHosting is celebrating its 10th Year anniversary, they are offering 65% OFF the regular price meaning you will be charged $2.95.

As a result, you will save $5.

When it comes to the Business package, the regular price is $9.95 a month. If you purchase today, you will be charged $5.95 and save $4. This is due to the 60% OFF regular price offered by TMDHosting.

For Enterprise, you will enjoy 30% OFF. Instead of paying the regular price of $16.95, you will pay $12.95. As a result, you will save $4.

If you choose cloud hosting, you have three plans to select from:

  • Starter Cloud offered at a regular price of $12.95. Purchase today and shave 60% OFF the regular price – $5.95. This will allow you to save $7.
  • Business Cloud is offered at a regular price of $13.95. If you purchase today, you will save $7 thanks to the 50% OFF promotion. This means you will be charged $6.95.
  • Enterprise Cloud is priced at a regular price of $19.95 a month. Thanks to the 40% OFF offered by TMDHosting, you will save $9 and pay $10.95.

For VPS Hosting, you will save 50% OFF on the first month. Here is the pricing structure.

  • Starter VPS – regular price is $39.95 a month. 50% OFF reduces the price to $19.97 for the first month.
  • The Original – regular price is $59.95 a month. 50% OFF equals $29.97 for the first month.
  • Smart VPS – regular price is $79.95 a month. 50% OFF equals $39.97 for the first month.
  • Ecommerce VPS – regular price is $109.95. 50% OFF equals $54.97 for the first month
  • Super Powerful VPS – regular price is $129.95. 50% OFF equals $64.97 for the first month too.

What types of payment does TMDHosting accept?

Once you select your preferred hosting plan – shared webhosting, cloud hosting VPS hosting or dedicated servers – you will be redirected to a web page where you will be required to enter your domain name.

If you already have a domain name, TMDHosting can transfer it for free.

You will be taken through 5 more steps before you arrive at the billing page. It is important to follow the instructions provided.

Every piece of information provided should be true. If you are stuck, live chat with the support staff.

Currently, TMDHosting accepts major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

If you are an existing customer of TMDHosting, simply log into your account and attach the new purchase.

Which Hosting plan should I Choose?

Selecting the right hosting plan for your website is important.

Choosing the wrong webhosting plan means poor user experience, slow page load times, poor security, poor support and no extra features. To select the best webhosting plan, consider the following:


security features offered in a particular webhosting package plays a crucial role when it comes to the protection of customers’ data and web files.

Whether you are running a simple blog or an ecommerce website, strong passwords, SSL certificates, htaccess file and backup systems must be used.


the speed at which your web pages load is also important. If your web pages take more than 5 seconds to load, customers will be impatient and move on to other websites.

This means loss of traffic and revenue. It is also important to know how much bandwidth is allocated to you.

If the webhost provider is using slow internet connection, it will slow down your WebPages.


How long has the webhosting provider been in business?

If they are getting started, you will not have access to vital information like uptime rates, backup services, data retrieval and customer support.

Always seek a webhosting provider who has been in business for more than 5 years.

Is this your first time to host a website on TMDHosting?

We highly recommend you begin with shared hosting – Starter or Business plan. As an advanced user running an affiliate marketing blog or ecommerce website, we highly recommend the use of dedicated servers.

For WordPress, use WordPress managed hosting.

Do I need a promo code to get discounted pricing on TMDHosting Plans?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Let me start with the YES part. With a promo code, you get to enjoy additional savings which in this is case is 7%.If you sign up today and take advantage of TMDHosting 10th anniversary 65% OFF the regular price, you will save a lot.

On the other hand, if you select any of the available webhosting plans and pay for 3 years – full amount, you will save. This means, you will get to save even when you don’t use the promo code.

Remember, using the promo code together with the available discounts will allow you to save more.

Does TMDHosting offer a money- back guarantee?

Yes, TMDHosting offers 60 day money back guarantee on all its hosting plans namely shared, cloud, VPS, WordPress and Dedicated Server.

If you are not satisfied with the selected plan, simply follow the instructions provided by TMDHosting regarding money back guarantee and your money will be refunded.

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions carefully to avoid penalties.

TMDHosting Coupon Code
TMDHosting Coupon Code
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